1 Bush In Metric System


This text snippet discusses conversion factors for various measurements, specifically relating to bushels and metric tons. It also mentions guide bushes, shafts, and hub installations, as well as the availability of plastic versus steel guide bushes. The text also briefly mentions the relationship between inches and millimeters in the metric system, and the use of the metric system in modeling and government programs. President Bush's 1991 Executive Order is mentioned as a mandate for the transition to metric measurement in federal government programs.

It seems there might have been an issue with the search results. However, in the context of agricultural measurements, "bush" typically refers to "bushel," which is a unit of dry volume often used in the United States for agricultural produce, especially grains. One bushel is equivalent to 35.2391 liters or approximately 0.0352 cubic meters in the metric system. So, in the metric system, 1 bushel is approximately equal to 35.2391 liters.

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