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An MSWBAN is a crucial component of IoMT in the healthcare field, utilizing multiple sensors to monitor a patient's medical symptoms. A novel routing protocol, ADTRP, is used to gather data from all cluster nodes and send it to the multisensor WBAN. Sensitivity is increased with high surface area/volume ratios in these sensors, following a similar process. To ensure reliable performance for healthcare systems, design and research must focus on patient monitoring. An intelligent system, MSWBAN, allows for transmission and reception of important patient data. Many technological advancements, such as WBANs, have been explored to combat pandemics like Covid-19.

The article "Remote Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients Using Multisensor Body Area Network Innovative System" focuses on the development of a multisensor body area network (MSWBAN) for transmitting and receiving critical patient data in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The research emphasizes the importance of e-health solutions and intelligent systems, utilizing WBAN sensors and networks to assess patients' fitness without disrupting their daily activities. The article articulates the need for automation in healthcare systems to improve patient care and reduce the burden on health industries, particularly important during a widespread pandemic.

The proposed novel additive distance-threshold routing protocol (ADTRP) is aimed at gathering information from all cluster nodes and transmitting it to the MSWBAN, ensuring reliable and efficient performance for competent healthcare. Furthermore, the use of an edge-cutting-based routing optimization (ES-EC-RO) is highlighted to find the best route for data transmission. Data security is addressed through the employment of the Trouped blowfish MD5 (TB-MD5) algorithm for encryption and decryption, with the encrypted data stored in a cloud database for security.

The performance metrics of the proposed MSWBAN model are notably outlined, indicating an end-to-end latency of 63 ms, a packet delivery rate of 95%, a security rate of 95.7%, and a throughput of 9120 bps. These metrics reflect the efficiency and reliability of the system in transmitting and receiving critical patient data.

In summary, the article emphasizes the importance of developing digital health systems, such as the MSWBAN, for tracking and controlling virus outbreaks, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It encourages engineers and front-line workers to harness innovative technologies to enhance healthcare monitoring and management in the face of global health challenges.

This information can be used to enhance the understanding of remote patient monitoring and the potential application of advanced technology in health and fitness assessments, particularly in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

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