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The purpose of this paper is to assess how students view their learning experiences with regard to serious gaming and gamification instruction.

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Action Research Study 1 Haruna, H., Abbas, A., Zainuddin, Z., Hu, X., Mellecker, R. R., & Hosseini. (2021). Enhancing Instructional Outcomes with a Serious Gamified System: A Qualitative Investigation of Student Perceptions. Information and Learning Sciences, 122(5-6), 383-408. DOI: 10.1108/ILS-05-2020-0162

Purpose and Main Findings: The study by Haruna, Hussein et al. (2021) aimed to evaluate the qualitative investigation of student perceptions regarding the impact of a serious gamified system on instructional outcomes. The primary purpose was to capture student perceptions of the serious gamified system and understand its potential benefits in enhancing instructional outcomes. The research focused on gathering qualitative data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the students' perspectives, attitudes, and experiences with serious gamification in their educational context. The main findings of the study shed light on the students' attitudes, perspectives, and overall perceptions regarding the serious gamified system's impact on their learning process. The study sought to enhance the understanding of how serious gamification influences students' learning experiences, aiming to contribute to the effective implementation of such systems in educational settings. This qualitative investigation can offer valuable insights into the effectiveness of serious gamification and its implications for instructional design and educational practice.

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