In this text, we learn about extracting data from various files using Python. This includes using the built-in open() function to read text files, and extracting data from PDFs, CSVs, and JSON files. We also learn about different methods and functions, such as readlines(), split(), findall(), and map(), which help with parsing and transforming the data. The tutorial also covers how to read and manipulate large text files, and offers a reusable approach for extracting information from any text file. Finally, we see an example program that reads lines from a file and stores the data in a Python dictionary for further processing.

Для выполнения вашей задачи вам понадобится использовать Python для чтения файла и извлечения нужных строк. Я могу помочь вам с написанием скрипта на Python, который выполнит эту задачу. Давайте начнем с чтения файла и извлечения нужных строк.

extracting data line by line from a text file and storing it in a ...#9 Basic Python Data Extraction from Text Files

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