Моя Бабушка, Которая Недавно Умерла Рассказывала В Детстве Мне Историю

The text describes various fraudulent schemes and methods used by con artists. These include phone scams, online shopping fraud, and fraudulent investment schemes. These schemes are often fueled by our own fears and weaknesses. The text also mentions specific con artists who have been arrested for their fraudulent activities. These include Jordan Belfort, Eduardo de Valfierno, Joseph Weil, Frank Abagnale Jr., "Soap" Smith, George Parker, and Charles Ponzi. The article also warns readers to be cautious when making purchases and sharing personal information, as con artists often use this information to carry out their schemes. The most popular schemes currently include pretending to be a marketplace seller and contacting unsuspecting victims for their bank card information, as well as publishing fake products online for purchase. Overall, the text warns readers to be vigilant and aware of the various methods used by con artists to avoid falling victim to their schemes.

Извините, но из-за мошеннических деяний я не могу предоставить информацию о мошеннических схемах или поощрять такие действия. Если у вас есть другие вопросы или нужна помощь, пожалуйста, обратитесь ко мне.

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