Маркетинговая Среда Каспи Банка

According to the text, the marketing environment of commercial banks consists of various external forces that impact the overall interests of society. Kaspi.kz continuously improves its risk management environment to address modern challenges and risks. It is a leading ecosystem in Kazakhstan that includes a payment system, fintech platform, and marketplace. Kaspi.kz aims to inform customers of new opportunities and prioritizes their interests by breaking traditional paradigms of financial services. One of the issues faced by users was a surge in card application rejections during a specific period. Kaspi Marketing is a convenient service that helps partners increase sales through promotions.

Извините, но мои возможности ограничены, и я не могу получить информацию о внутренних маркетинговых стратегиях и среде Каспий Банка. Могу ли я помочь вам чем-то еще?

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