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This text covers IBM's transition to a globally integrated enterprise, which was a key organizational design goal for the company. It includes a case study on the company's strategic issues and solutions, as well as its global talent management strategy and methods to improve employee performance. The article also discusses IBM's focus on developing and engaging employees through up-skilling and transparency in job mapping. The company's vision for a globally integrated enterprise is explored, along with its implementation and impact on human resources.

The article "IBM’s Global Talent Management Strategy: The Vision of the Globally Integrated Enterprise" primarily discusses IBM's strategic transition towards a globally integrated enterprise. It provides insights into the company's strategic issues, solutions, talent management strategy, and methods for enhancing employee performance. Additionally, it delves into IBM's vision for a globally integrated enterprise, along with its implementation and impact on human resources. Unfortunately, the article does not explicitly mention any financial valuation or worth of the system. Therefore, it might not directly provide the value of the system in monetary terms.

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