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If an error occurs during the featurization process, there are a few options available to handle it. To start, one can import data from the torch_geometric library using InMemoryDataset. Additionally, the num_atom_features variable can be set to include atom type and chirality tag, with these features being stored in a list for further use.

Based on the search result, it seems that the torch_geometric.datasets.zinc module might not have the attribute 'num_atom_features' directly accessible. Instead, you might need to extract the features from the data retrieved using torch_geometric.datasets.zinc.

To address this, you can consider using the featurization process for the data from the zinc module. You can import the data from the torch_geometric library using InMemoryDataset and then extract the necessary features from the dataset.

Furthermore, you might need to structure your code to load the data and inspect its attributes to determine the correct way to access the number of atom features for your specific use case.

It's possible that the number of atom features is present within the data itself, and you may need to examine the data structure or the documentation for torch_geometric.datasets.zinc to understand how to access this information.

If you have the specifics of the dataset or any further details, feel free to share them, and I can provide you with more targeted assistance.

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