"c.1.5.1 Review Documentation To Determine If There Is A Process

The text discusses various safety risks and issues commonly faced on construction sites, such as airborne dust, scaffolding accidents, workplace violence, and health hazards. Occupational Health & Safety is a magazine and website that focuses on providing information to professionals in this field. Navigating a construction site can be challenging due to equipment, debris, and other hazards, and representatives play a key role in communicating safety concerns to employers. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also important for workers' safety, and it is necessary to be mindful and follow signs for further precautions.

C.1.5.1: Review documentation to determine if there is a process for ensuring that contractors are informed of current OHS issues on-site.

C.1.5.2: Interview contractors to verify that they are kept informed of current OHS issues on-site when they arrive.

Occupational Health and safety – Construction Industry7 common workplace safety hazards | Safety+Health

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